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9069 NEMO ST


(310) 858-9009

Gendarme Atelier + Spa blends several styles of massage therapy, including our own signature approach, to reduce stress, relieve pain and pregnancy discomfort, improve post-exercise recovery, and encourage systemic healing. Our skincare routines cleanse, tone, and purify your face and body. We perform a distinctive combination of manicures, pedicures, and gentle massage that leave your nails more beautiful than ever. You can also receive nailcare provisions a la carte. We have haircare experts on staff for anyone looking for waxing, trimming, haircuts, hair coloring, and any combination thereof. Our experts’ ability to blend individual amenities into rewarding, full-service packages, sets The Gendarmerie apart from other spas.

Additionally, we have plenty of indoor and outdoor areas to sit and rest after treatment. Sip a glass of wine and converse with friends while enjoying our stunning scenery.

In addition to hosting an exquisite spa experience, The Gendarmerie also sells distinctive care products in our unique boutique. We select our store’s dermatological and fragrance offerings carefully, making sure each product enhances your confidence and style. Test out our products with our treatments, choose your favorites, and take them home to share… or keep.

The Gendarme Atelier + Spa keeps West Hollywood beautiful and healthy and rested. Make us your destination for a soothing spa weekend.

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